What happens when something exists that shouldn't? What happens when magic occurs that shouldn't? That is the very question we must ask ourselves and the answer lies before you. The answer to both your fate and the fate of everyone around you.

The question is whether you believe fate is predestined or is it something you can change? That is a question that has been plaguing the minds of man and creatures alike since they had the ability to think of such things.

Our story begins two million years ago on a planet much like the Earth we are on now. Many metropolises and many people filling it until a great evil arrives. Where did it come from? No one truly knows but his evil spread like a plague devouring this world. No world was safe until he devoured reality itself.

Bored, unsatisfied this great evil decided to jump from parallel reality to parallel reality until finding one with warriors so great that he found his match. He was killed but with his death a greater evil unleashed. To stop this great evil, the warriors had to pour their life energy into folding this reality ending everything. Kefka who was believed to be dead was simply sealed away until this reality was imploding. Using his great powers, he crawled from the seals that were collapsing around him and escaped to a new reality.

Kefka came to this reality where Tiberia is two thousand years ago. Finding that his powers were sealed among arrival as were the powers of Gods. He was curious. He was hungry. He devised a plan and plotted to free himself from this cage.

The first thing he did was use powers that no one heard of by sacrificing live subjects to create portals in other realities. You couldn't leave this one but they could drive others here. His plan was in motion. The question is, will you allow him to succeed?

But that is not the only concern! Oh no. This world is controlled, manipulated, and overshadowed by a darkness in every way. Many years ago, a great King ruled over the land named Aulroth. He was slain but he could never rest.

His evil still permeated the very air of Tiberia and his influence is always growing to one day regain his throne and his kingdom. But alas, he has competition for Rain. The God of Chaos and Mischief itself plays with both Aulroth and Kefka.

Is there more evils waiting to be unleashed? Who will be the one supreme evil? Can you survive in a land that has dangers around every corner? The journey is long. The road treacherous but this is your journey. You must find your own way and become your own kind of hero or villain.

Along the way, you will see the pirates of Moretti, the gangs of Ruby City, the zealots of Ridule, and the greed of Venes. Welcome to Tiberia travelers and warriors alike.

A new song is spreading through the halls and taverns of Tiberia:
Far over the land of tiberia,
To dungeons deep and cities old,
we must away, 'ere break of day
to find adventure the brave and bold.

A monster of yore, cast mighty spells,
to warp the world into his hell,
The Lord Kefka, his dark reign keep,
in hollowed halls beneath the fells.

an ancient fight, a warrior and lord,
two men immortal, destined to change the world,
who will win, A demon or kid,
their fates entwined thoughout all time

A gleaming gem, flickering throughout the sky,
always wandering, an ever watchful eye,
To search for truth, all knowledge proof,
a wandering star that reigns on high.

Far over the land of tiberia,
To dungeons deep and cities old,
we must away ere break of day,
To find adventure the brave and bold.

A king of old, reigned over most the land,
died at the hand, of a single man,
The once known king, soul bound in death,
King Aulroth, a myth in sand.

the pines were roaring on the height,
strange creatures moaning in the night,
the fire was red, like zombies spread;
Ridule like torches blazed with light.

As ash fell down on a city of ruby red,
a port of pirates have been known to tread,
a melting pot, for all who roam,
A place for damned to rest their head.

The mountain smoked beneath the moon;
Adventure there, the old man crooned,
He spoke of lore and myths galore,
Quests and treasures, said the loon.

Far over the land of tiberia,
To dungeons deep and cities old,
we must away ere break of day,
To find adventure the brave and bold.

Far over the land of Tiberia,
To dungeons deep and cities old...